ALERT ALERT: Blonde Bombshell Heading This Way

Baby's First Blonde Microlinks 



The million dollar question: Do blondes really have more fun? And do gentlemen prefer blondes? As much as we love Marilyn Monroe, we really wanna know.

Caught on the client cam, one of our loyal Beautes documented her first experience with micro-links. "Blondie" is a huge fan of our clip in sets Russian Blonde, but hadn't yet taken the plunge into a permanent style. After much research and the big hair appointment, she got the answers for you.
See her Q&A snapshot below.

What are Microlinks? 

"Blondie" : A process of utilizing tiny metal or plastic beads to secure bundles rows into hair for a thicker and/or longer lewk. Different from sew-ins since it is like layering separate brick rows and securing with the beads. 

How Long does it take? 

B: Depending on the stylist, it could take 3+ hours to install.  My well seasoned stylist matched my Russian Blonde 22 inch bundles by bleaching them platinum for a more old Hollywood cool hue. The coloring took three hours and the install took three hours as well.

How long do they last?

B: The microlinks can stay in hair for up to 3 months if properly maintained. Hair should be conditioned and scalp should be rubbed lightly to avoid knotting. The bundles themselves can last a year if also properly maintained.

How are they to sleep in?

B: Not terrible. They are a little tight initially since your body is not accustomed to them on your head. Sleeping on your back is a little pinchy on the scalp, but nothing unbearable.

Why did you choose micro-links?

B: After researching different types of bundle installment, I knew I wanted something to get my money's worth by a long installation life AND the best product (BUNDLES BY BC, duh) since they can be reused and last long as well. I decided against tape extensions because I wanted something that offered more of a variety of hairstyles (Ariana ponytail is a must!) and just since they don't last as long. Plus I work out 5 days per week plus do Hotworx, so that would ruin the adhesive. The clip-ins have always been fun and versatile, but I'm not as crazy about the reinstall process since it's not as smooth as when my stylist puts them in, plus alas I can't do updos!

Would you have micro-links again?

B: Absolutely. Always go for better money spent in the long run, since you're actually saving money. The process wasn't bad at all- i did bring a simple craft to do while in the styling chair.  And definitely will put my Bundles by BC bundles to work by maintaining and reusing!

What's your fav BC haircare product?

B: HANDS DOWN, the luxury serum for ever. The thermal protection is crucial to me and i'm addicted to adding shine. I've used this on my clip-ins as well as on my own wet hair for years.  Highly rec for all hair.

Do Blondes Really have more fun?

B: The truth is we all have fun rocking every hair color... I rocked multiple shades of red in my twenties and it was a great time, although I would never rec box hair colors since I was taking risks. I've been several shades of blonde in my 30s, and I'm not looking back since it makes me feel good and matches my old Hollywood pinup style. No hair color is better than another, but blondes have a great time proving everyone wrong ;) As far as if gentlemen prefer blondes? My answer is who the heck cares!!  What really matters is that we go for the lewk we prefer/love since we're our most important audience for our style...maybe our besties too.
My motto is: Don't let others influence your authenticity <3 


Thanks for sharing and for being a BC lover, Blondie.


Bundles by BC only sells quality 100% Virgin and Raw hair that is color capable, may be heat styled, and is made to be reused and last at least a year with proper hair care.


Hair color, style, and micro-link install by @MrBradleyDarling 

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