H&G Rapid Hair Growth Oil

H&G Rapid Hair Growth Oil

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Our 100% organic Rapid Growth Oil is made to stimulate and strengthen hair follicles.  Great for damaged hair, hair loss, chemically treated hair, hair repair, and moisture. When used regularly hair will thicken and grow. Use while wearing sew-ins, micro-links, wigs, and any other protective styles. Our perfectly designed nozzle can reach in between braids to the scalp. Maintaining a well oiled scalp will cause hair to flourish. Apply daily for best growth results.


Key ingredients:

Lavender oil: speeds up hair growth and reduces stress.

Rosemary: improves hair thickness and reduces itchy scalp.

Thyme: Stimulates the scalp & prevents hair loss.

other ingredients include:

Black castor oil

Vitamin E oil

Ylang Ylang oil

Black seed oil

Grape seed oil 

Perfect for those experiencing:


itchy or dry scalp


non-growing hair

hair breakage

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