2023: New Year, Stronger Beaute


The one thing we've have learned the past several years is how essential it is for us to recharge to perform as our best self! If we pour ourselves into catering to others, who is going to do the same for us when we're the ones we depend on!? How did we get that bruise? Do we really have it all put together?

Same with our hair, if we do not invest and care for our hair, it will not last. When you look good, you feel good.

But what about the "New You"  part? Instead of changing the incredible and unique YOU, consider setting healthy goals and habits for yourself that focus on your self care: mentally, physically, emotionally. What brings you joy?  A hot yoga class? An organized pantry? A snazzy blowout?


Challenge yourself on the little things:

-To take a workout class such as pilates  just to feel sexy instead of to lose five rude pounds.

-To take a mental health day off work when you feel burn out coming.

-To go on a date for a fun experience, but not hold on just so you won't be lonely. (Red Flag Radar)

-To learn something new in a way that enriches you and not just so you can mark it off a list.

-If you have children, to spend days with them individually and grow special bonds. This is good for aunties too!

-If you are in a relationship, to value and prioritize one another. And if you're not getting what you give, call them out! Respectfully.

-To favor quality over quantity, whether it's lifelong friendships or sustainably made yoga pants.

-To take time to recharge so you can be your best version of yourself and be able to show up for those you love. YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF TO DO THAT!! Not selfish.

-To have self- compassion with little or big mistakes. Treat them as learning experiences and not a time to chastise your existence.

-To keep moving forward. Whatever that looks like for you. Small steps > large steps more often than you realize.

-To prioritize mental health; make therapy your favorite hobby and/or turn negative thoughts into positive of yourself. (pass a mirror and remind yourself how sexy you are!)

-Spend time alone to enjoy your company and learn the difference between being lonesome and lonely;  for anyone to fill your void vs. being filled with your own goodness.

-To go pee after sex!

-To invest in quality hair instead of cheap hair. To masque your hair on a slow Sunday. To use heat protection when styling.

-Key Takeaway:

INVEST IN YOURSELF!! That is our challenge.

When you look good you feel good, yes. But remember your superpower is being you, so don't always compare what makes someone else feel good to what makes you feel good. Sometimes it can start with a fresh hairdo.


Bundles by BC sells quality 100% Virgin and Raw hair because we believe in quality > quantity. We invest in good hair so it lasts longer, costs less in the long run, stays sleek with proper care, and makes us feel bomb.



Cheers to our 2023 Beautes!

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