• What hair color are our bundles?

All bundles regardless of texture are NATURAL BROWN. Our hair can be darkened or lightened. We recommend a professional colorist for all extension coloring.

  • Can I straightened or style my bundles? 

Yes! All of our textures are versatile when it comes to styling. Once washed hair will return to its natural curl or wave.

  • Can I return my hair if I don’t like it?

We ask that you research before you buy, we do NOT give refunds and all sales are Final.

  • Can I straighten my curly bundles?

Yes of course. We recommend washing it first, blow drying, and then straightening. Hair will revert back to it's natural texture once washed or wet.

  • Do I need a closure or frontal AND bundles?

For installs with natural leave-out you do not need a closure or a frontal. However they are recommend for protective styes or installs without a natural leave out.

  • How long will my bundles last?

 Bundles can up to 2 years or longer with proper care.

  • How many bundles do i need?

We always recommend purchasing at least 3 bundles.