What is the hair color of our bundles?

All bundles, irrespective of their texture, are a dark brown. Our hair can be customized through darkening or lightening processes. We strongly advise consulting a professional colorist for any extension coloring procedures.

Can I straighten or style my bundles?
Certainly! Our range of textures offers remarkable versatility for styling. After each wash, the hair effortlessly reverts to its natural curl or wave pattern.

Is there a return policy in case of dissatisfaction?
Prior to purchase, we encourage thorough research as we do offer refunds, However exchanges are permitted within 3 days of purchase. Bundles must be in their original packaging, unaltered, and in resalable condition.

Can I straighten curly bundles?
Absolutely. We recommend a methodical approach: washing the hair first, followed by blow-drying, and then straightening. The hair will seamlessly return to its natural texture post-wash or exposure to moisture.

Is both a closure and bundles necessary?
While installations with natural leave-out may not require a closure, they are highly recommended for protective styles or installations without any natural hair left out.

What is the expected lifespan of my bundles?
With proper care, our bundles can endure up to two years or longer, ensuring sustained satisfaction and value.

How many bundles are typically recommended?
For optimal results, we always advise purchasing a minimum of three bundles to achieve a full, voluminous look.