BC Spring Hair Edit: Hair Do's

Hey Beaute!

Guess What?! You know what time of season it is! And we said yes to the Wefts!! Yes, we're all about hair quality hair extensions and committed to a lifetime of stylish hair.  We're seeing a lot of fringe on the runway and we're all about those fringe benefits.  "AND WE LOVE IT!"


Here are some fresh Hair -DOs (commitments) for Spring 2023 and beyond.

* DO invest in quality hair. This is investing in you and your self-care. BC only sells 100% Virgin Hair. Plus you get your money's worth by saving in the long run.

* DO maintain your hair! Just like keeping your hot bod healthy, you want to keep your hair at peak shape so it lasts longer! Our bundles are to be reused and last at least a year with proper care.

* DO get enough bundles...and get them at least 24 hours before your hair appointment. We suggest earlier!

DO use proper haircare that protects and doesn't break your hair down. See our BC Haircare products! Also use well made heated tools (curling iron, straightener, hot comb, hair dryer, etc) to avoid damage.

DO shop online and choose to pick up in stores to ensure we still have your bundles. Or shop in store for VIP Beaute treatment.

DO value your personal style and don't always rely on fleeting trends.


For more Do's, haircare, tips and tricks, read our BC Blog!

* DO sign up for our emails/texts on our website to know about our sales and deals AND get 5% off your next in store purchase.


Bundles by BC only sells quality 100% Virgin and Raw hair that is color capable, may be heat styled, and is made to be reused and last at least a year with proper hair care.

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