Can't Be Without You, Bundles.


Our 90s Inner Girl Really Vibed During THAT Halftime Show! And it also reminded us how much we need eye cream...

{The Halftime show that Atlanta deserved}
Real talk, Mary J Blige is fab and still has it...but don't forget that you do too, Beaute!

Get the flawless MJB Super Bowl Lewk. 

-Try our Russian Blonde bundles in longer length such as 28 inches.
-Our 100% Virgin hair is natural so it can be heat styled and colored beautifully.
-Use our Luxury Serum as a thermal protectant and bonus of added shine! Go for a 1- 1.5 inch barrel curling iron or wand. Curl all pieces toward the back.
- Hold in place with a Last Ultra Hold Hairspray, for a smooth and non-crunchy curl freeze.


What was your favorite part of the Super Bowl and why was it the snacks?



BC Beaute



MJB Image from Essence.

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