Care for your hair while wearing extensions

Just because your wearing hair extensions doesn’t mean your natural hair doesn’t need TLC. In fact regularly treating your natural hair will serve has a major benefit of wearing extensions. Whether or not you know it hair extensions serve as a protective style! Between installs be sure to keep your ends trimmed and your hair hydrated. Moisture is key!

Don’t know what exactly works for you? That’s ok! Try a bunch of different products and keep track of the products you really like. The ones that don’t so well give to friends who you think would benefit from it. For example I recently bought a face wash which I felt was too gentle for my skin. I gave it to a friend, this friend has sensitive skin and prefers gentle products. In a few months I’ll check with her to see how she liked it. Getting rid of things is ok! Sometimes we feel obligated to use something even if we don’t like it simply because we paid for it. I promise you’ll be on your friends Christmas list every year!

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