A Love Aff-Hair: Classy Hairdos for Valentine's Day or Any Holiday

Glam hairdos help raise the bar on our stylishness for any holiday.  Valentine's Day is no different; You can't attend a Galentine's soiree or special date with mediocre hair!
Here are some quick tips and style diys to get you through the festivities as the hair queen of the romance season.

Brazilian Wavy is a best seller for our best babes. Try a Glam Gatsby faux Marcel bob with long BW lengths, 20-25. Curl hair with a medium curling iron and secure curls around the face with pins or use pin curls over night if you're a hair nerd like us! Once hair is set, you can add some gel to the curls around your face and shape as desired with a comb. For the body, tease curls for a fuller lewk if desired- Brazilian is lush and will hold that volume- roll the hair under in sections, then have a ship load of bobby pins on hand to secure each. Sculpt to desired effect. Add a flapper headband to finished product or some sparkly spray. A little party never hurt nobody.

Peruvian Straight hair is the posh LBD of textures. Try a long sleek low side pony with a shimmery tie. 25-29 inches. Your hair will win best dressed with its polished perfection. Add some Luxury Serum to tame flyaways and add shiny shine.

Wigs are always a winner since you can style ahead of time and make sure the back is as impeccable as the front. With a medium length wig of any texture, try a classy french twist. Leave a couple of tendrils at the nape of the neck and use a tiny curling iron to make baby curls. Have a pagillion bobby pins on hand (again)...trust me, there are never enough pins at hand... and secure your twist. For some festive flare, find your favorite bejeweled brooch that is closed, take two bobby pins, and secure the brooch at the base of the french twist with the pins by making an X. Finish with Hold It Hair Spray so you can dance the night away.

Malaysian Wavy is the MVP with her versatility thus explains why she is a fan favorite. Try Some loose glam waves and add some glamourista gemstone clips at one temple.  Use our Hold It Hair Mousse before blowing dry. Use a large three barrel curling iron to achieve these waves. Your hair will be the life of the partay, well tied with you! Flaunt it.

 Classy Hair Tips:
-If you're getting your hair done for an event, book with your stylist ASAP. Their calendar starts booking up for the holidays so secure your spot! AND get your hair in advance!
-Invest in good hair care so your hair will be healthy and you won't have to worry about a tendril being out of place all night. 
-If you're taking lots of pics, make sure you figure out which is the best side of your hair to pose accordingly. Sounds silly, but you know how us girls are with our selfies! Planning ahead with angles and pose ideas will help you get the desired pic. Also with pics, just keep moving and snap a lot of pics. That's the best way to filter though and get the one(s) you like without a lot of retakes. 
-Make sure you have the proper tools on hand if you're diy-ing your 'do. Have the right heated tools for your style, plenty of products to secure it, as well as bobby pins or any clips. Try to get pins that match your hair color. You don't want your slip showing, nor do you want hair clips showing-unless they bejeweled obvs. If you are using wigs or clip ins, make sure the clips are covered and the wig is at a natural part.

Ket Takeaway:  Planning your look for any holiday is essential, especially for Valentine's Day. Time and prep need to go into planning your hair style just as much as your outfit and accessories. Use quality hair and book your hair appointment in advance.


You are a shiny star, Beaute! When you look good, you feel good. Crank up the confidence and sass for the holiday lewks. Everyone will be trying to get you under that magical mistletoe.

Bundles by BC only sells quality 100% Virgin and Raw hair that is color capable, may be heat styled, and is made to be reused and last at least a year with proper hair care.

xox, BC


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