Clip-ins (instant length or Volume)

Ever wanted to switch up your hair style instantly? Yea, there's the option of the wig but truth be told... wigs may not be for everyone. Personally, I think they are but I could see the concerns of how they are not as natural looking as maybe a sew-in. Then there is the option of Clips-ins! Clip-ins are made up of virgin hair bundles with little combs attached to the weft. These combs secure the extensions on to your natural hair. 

There are a couple ways to clip clip-ins in ( Say that 3 times fast lol). With the first technique you'd place very small vertical cornrows where you intend to add the weft of hair. This braid is where the clips are anchored. Depending how full you want your hair will determine how many clips-ins to add. 1 clip-in per vertical cornrow. Another way to install clip-ins is by teasing the hair instead of braiding it. Teasing the hair creates traction and grip.

Clip-ins are meant to be worn only for a few hours and occasionally. They are not an alternative to getting a full weave service. Clip-ins are a custom service only available in store.


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