Curly Extension Hair Care

Curly Extension Hair Care

Spring into action with your Curly Hair maintenance. The sooner you start with essential hair care, the longer your extensions will last. The secret to defined sexy curls is, as we always say, HAIR CARE <3

The Tools of the Trade:

Our Step 1 Shampoo and Conditioners- These are formulated especially for 100% Virgin and Raw hair extensions and help prolonging their longevity.

Our Step 2: Curl Rejuvenator- This is our secret weapon in our hair repertoire. This is a hair masque that sets your hair like a deep conditioner and returns the curls to their original bounce

Hair Mousse - freezes curly curls and keeps flyaways at bay.

Luxury Hair Serum- Great for shine and as a thermal protectant if you opt to use heated tools to straighten or adding more curl.


Try our superior curly hair extensions for curls who want to have fun! Bundles by BC only sells 100% Virgin hair and Raw hair that is color treatable, may be heat styled, and is made to be reused and last for at least a year with proper hair care. Our curly hair styles may be straightened and returned to curl when wet.

Brazilian Curly- Brazilian hair, in general, is more course and thick. Similar to kinky curly, but grows out and down like a curly Beyonce lewk.

Malaysian Curly- A deep wavy curl similar to a marcel wave. Easy to style and perfect for vacation curl.

Kinky Curly- This grows out and up like a feisty afro a la Foxy Brown.Try longer lengths on the side and short on the top.


More curly questions? Just ask us! We're here to stay on the same wave!

Curly Extension Hair Care

Key Takeaway:  The different curly textures we offer and how to care for them with our luxury hair products.

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