Curly Hair Extension Types


Curly Hair Extension Types

Brazilian Curly, Malaysian Curly, or Kinky Curly?


Curly, Flirty, and Thriving


Our curly bundles are the highest quality virgin hair on today's market. 

our most popular curly textured. The Malaysian curly pattern is about a 3/4  inch wide curl that resembles a marcel wave before brushing. A perfect texture to brush out and wand curl. Malaysian Curly blends seamlessly with natural curly hair.

Slightly more coarse and voluminous, Brazilian curly is a tighter curl that gives  Beyonce all day.  Curlier than our Malaysian Curly,  a great choice for the girls that want to give superstar!

 A tight coily curl, that closely resembles African-American textured hair. These beautiful soft kinks spring out and up giving afro vibes. 


Don't forget our Step 2 Curl Rejuvenator to keep your curls supple and luscious.

All of our hair is 100% Virgin hair that is color- capable and can be styled with heated tools. Invest in yourself. Invest in your time off. Invest in your hair <3


Curly Hair Extension Types
Key Takeaway: 
Brazilian Curly, Malaysian Curly, or Kinky Curly. Differences, benefits and features of each.


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