Do Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

Do Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

To extension or not to extension? Just like lash extensions, you do need some hair to attach hair extensions to. But does it cause damage?
Technically, no. But for any extension, you need to start with a healthy foundation. Then you also must have good product and expertise installment.

Extensions are great for more body, elaborate hair styles, and adding length! But if you've ever watched any hair videos on social media from stylists, a lot depends on the foundation and installation.

If you have hair loss, you will want to be at a place where extensions can be attached without pulling out more hair. Sometimes breathable natural wigs can be a good option instead. Otherwise to strengthen hair before adding extensions, try castor oil on scalp for at least a month to have a strong foundation.

For the installation process as well as purchasing the hair, remember your hair is an investment. And the more you invest, in the long run, you will have saved money and can maintain healthy hair. When purchasing the hair, you choose the texture you are going for, but also carefully consider the quality hair. Raw hair and 100% Virgin hair are the best on the market since they are natural and have been processed less. But due to their quality, they are made to last longer. So instead of going to replace lower quality hair every 1-2 months, when you invest in better hair, they last so you are saving money in the long run since you do not have to buy as often.  Quality hair can affect your hair because of styling and maintenance. If you are maintaining your hair properly, then there is less chance of damage. Using proper hair care such as our Luxury Hair Serum, on hair before heat styling is crucial to keeping all hair healthy. Bundles By BC only sells 100% Virgin and Raw hair so you can get your moneys worth and keep hair healthy.

The last piece to the puzzle is the hair installation. Whether you opt for sew-ins, such as micro-links, or tape-ins, having them properly installed by a stylist who is an expert in the field is crucial. Some stylists are masters at hair color chemistry, while others may be educated and excel in sew- ins. Both are great arts, and if you have a stylist who is a master at both, hang onto them!!  Improperly sew-ins may absolutely cause damage as they can pull your hair out. Some people end up spending more money when they try to get them installed cheaper, just to have issues and end up having to go to another stylist just to fix. That is another reason why investment is essential.

Don't forget the hair maintenance as mentioned above! Brushing and drying from the wefts (lines of the extensions attached to head.) Even washing hair properly by massaging scalp instead of rubbing can help avoid damage.

So in the end, extensions themselves do not actually cause hair damage. It is how they are installed and maintained that can either set you up for success or lead you down the hair danger zone.

Here are just a few tips to consider:

-Quality hair is made to be used for over a year, so they may be removed, maintained, and re-sewn.

- Keep in mind the average head sheds up to 100 strands of hair per day. So when your stylist removes extensions, there should be no alarm with surplus shedding. They should let you know this too.

-Proper installation will set you up for success. Always ask your stylist questions while you're in their chair so you'll know when you are home. Even silly little question such as about towel drying or how much serum is too much. Learn proper techniques to avoid accidental damage.

- ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use heat protectant when heat styling. Hair masques are essential as well.

- Do not go to bed with wet extensions. Either wash hair early in the day if you want to avoid blow drying and still use serum and products that prevent damage. Or blow dry at least the wefts.

- Brush and dry from the wefts to prevent matting.

- Have fun and rock your hair your way!


Do extensions cause hair loss?
Key Takeaway: Hair extensions do not damage hair. Expert installation, quality hair, a strong foundation, and proper haircare are crucial since those factors can cause damage if improperly executed.

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