Does wearing hair extensions damage natural hair?

Hair extensions are essential to some people, especially me! My love for hair extensions is real. So real that I once even turned down dating a guy who asked if I could not wear them! The offense! How dare he? My hair extensions and I are a packaged deal honey is exactly what I told him... We never dated. Hair extensions allow you to be whoever you want. It's almost like you get some sort of super powers... but do they damage your natural hair?

Hair extensions do not damage your hair. If properly applied hair extensions should act as a protective style. Extensions require a lot of research from deciding on hair texture, to application, to the stylist who will be doing it. If you have/had hair loss or breakage while wearing extensions here are probably a few reasons why:

Poor or incorrect application: Always research the stylist and ask them questions make sure your 100% comfortable as your hair is in their hands.

Too much tension: Hair extensions can be heavy, proper placement is critical or your hair will break off.

Dry, brittle, or  weak: If your natural hair is in poor condition, this should be taken into consideration when deciding the install technique.

Poor hair care in between applications: In between hair styles it's important to give your natural hair a lot of TLC. Deep conditioning, hair masks, scalp massages, and trims.

Properly caring for your hair while wearing extensions can make your hair flourish in growth and health.


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