Do-it- yourself Ponytails

Today we are a lot less busier thanks to Covid-19. Our entertainment has been reduced to pretty much zero and most of us are working from home. Frankly, there is nowhere to go but looking good should be a must. While it's completely understandable not to want to frequent hair salons, we've created a some new products to help with home hair maintenance. Our Do-it-yourself ponytail is literally the best thing in pandemic life. 

Our ponytails are constructed with 1-2 bundles depending on texture & length, 2 clips, and a drawstring. The application is easy and quick. Simply place your natural hair into a sleek ponytail and then a tight ball. Then place the clips under your ponytail or in the ball, which ever is most comfortable for you. Pull the drawstring to tighten and secure the ponytail. Wrap or tuck the remaining drawstring. Lastly take a piece of hair and wrap it around the base of ponytail hiding the drawstring. Clip-ins are also available. Be sure to read why clips-ins are so great.

Here a few recommendations for our Ponytails:

- style the ponytail prior to applying.

- remove the ponytail daily or nightly.

- wash frequently with BC Shampoo & conditioner.

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