Get on Expert Level With Your Extensions

Get on Expert Level With Your Extensions

No matter whether your extensions are micro-links, sew-ins, or clips-ins, becoming an expert does not come overnight or with luck. You have to be a novice before you are a pro. And becoming a pro takes education and practice. Practice makes perfect.
Education is the first step to knowing how to manage extensions. Always do research prior to purchasing hair to ensure you are getting exactly what you need. This will help you know what to expect if you have never had extensions before or if you are trying a new style.
Before even styling, you have to know how to maintain your extensions to keep them youthful and long lasting- just like your own hair and skin. Proper brushing and hair care are key. Salon-worthy hair care does the dirty work for you.
As far as maintaining, you must know how to protect the wefts and respect them
    The Musts of Getting to Be an Extension Pro:
    • When cleaning and styling, your must use quality hair care without parabens. This will make your hair softer and more manageable without adding product buildup. Try our Step 1 Shampoo and Conditioner  that is specially formulated for bundles.
    • When washing, you must massage scalp instead of scrubbing to avoid damage where they are sewn in.
    • When drying, you must dry the wefts completely to avoid matting. Matting will also cause damage but also affects how your hair lays. It could be a dead giveaway that you have extensions when you want them undetectable.
    • You must decide what type of extension works best for you and your lifestyle. if you have less time or are on the road to being a pro, go with clip-ins that are simpler to maintain and style even before adding them to your head. 
    • You must do the work to reap the rewards... you must maintain your hair properly to keep it looking healthy long lasting.

    Tips on Becoming a Professional "Extentionist"
    • Always book a stylist who specializes in extensions to install them. As seen on social media, using a stylist that doesn't do this often can damage your hair with improper installation, plus causes more work for another stylist to fix, and costly for you.
    • Always ask your stylist for pointers on styling and maintenance. Obviously they are the OG pro but they are constantly continuing their education with their craft and learning better procedures. Ask them to show you exactly how to dry the wefts instead of them just doing it.
    • USE PROPER HAIRCARE. Invest in your hair and your haircare. Hair tools are also essential too when it comes to things like detangling brushes and shine brushes. Use thermal protection like our Luxury Serum when heat styling.
    • PRACTICE makes perfect. Stick to a signature hairstyle to keep that momentum going and then being a pro at your hair will become a good habit.
    Key Takeaway: Constantly maintaining your hair and using proper hair care will help you achieve expert level with taking care of your extensions. They work together. Practice Practice Practice with styling. 

    Bundles by BC only sells quality 100% Virgin and Raw hair that is color capable, may be heat styled, and is made to be reused and last at least a year with proper hair care.
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    XOX, BC

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