Frontal or Closure?

 Frontal or Closure?

Getting closure on the details. Sooo many choices! Let's break down the main difference between the two:



13 x4 or 13x6 and cover the entire front line of the hair from ear to ear.


Versatile style with multiple part lines
Save $ on bundles purchase
Complete hairline coverage


More maintenance
Can damage hairline if not properly maintained 
Can get uncomfortable in warm/humid climates


Most commonly 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 and also available in 6x6 of 7x7. 


Lasts longer with proper maintenance
Requires less maintenance
Cooler in warm/humid climates
Less expensive 


Limiting styling with only the basic options for part.
Will require more bundles.

Don't forget the BOLD HOLD to keep everything in place. It is humidity resistant and lasts up to three weeks.

Bundles by BC only sells 100% Virgin hair that is color capable and can be heat styled. We have quality frontals as well as 4 x 4 Swiss lace and 5 x 5 HD lace closures in stock for your hair shopping pleasure. Whether you are going for a sew-in or a wig lewk, we've got your hair covered.

So which should you go for? The one with the most pros for your lifestyle!


xox, BC Beaute

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