Hair Days Are the Best Days!

Move over massage, we'd rather have someone else wash our hair. 

LIFE GOALS: Hire a chauffeur and have our hair washed weekly like when our grandmothers went to the beauty parlor. Plus five weeks of paid annual vacay time, obvs.

Whether you wash your hair or someone else does, taking time for hair-apy is such a mood booster! This Sunday, stay in your favorite comfy onesie, have some spiked hot chocolate- btw how much is too much spiked hot chocolate on a weekly basis during the holidays?!) and put on a spa face along with a deep conditioning hair masque. Your split ends will do the banana splits in appreciation.

Our Hairy up and Grow oil is packed with essential oils including castor oil, black seed oil, grape seed oil, and even Vitamin E. A great little boost when you are growing your natural hair out.

For curls just wanna have fun girls, try our Step 2 Curl Rejuvenator to protect your curls. Our specially formulated in house BC Haircare helps your bundles prolong their life, so that helps you save $$$ in the long run! 


Make sure you're in our Beaute Squad by signing up for our text message club! We're all inclusive on the glam<3 
Text BUNDLESBYBC to 81493 to be the first to know about bundle deals and discounts on our luxury haircare products.

So slip into something comfy, make a list of items you're grateful for, and breath in the luxurious goodness of taking time just for you. xox


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