Hair Don'ts?!

Hey Beaute Queen,


We're always talking about Hair Do's and How To's, but wanted to take a different approach to our hair love this time.

We wanna talk about Hair Don'ts. Rules are made to be broken, but these bundle rules are steadfast so you get longer wear out of your hair.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: If properly cared for, your hair can be reused for up to a year. As long as you Do the Do's and Don't the Dont's. Obvs great news for your wallet. So in the long run, you're getting your moneys worth AND saving money. instead of buying below quality hair. Girl, it's like going to and upscale Costco!

Hair Don'ts-
Adhere to these Don'ts for longer lasting hair:

-Don't use shampoos with parabens and sulfers. Just like on your own hair, it's bad news bears and breaks the hair down like it's on a three day crying spree (Not like we've ever experienced that...) Try our Step 1 Shampoo that's free of harsh chemicals. As is all of our haircare.

-Don't skip the conditioner! Especially if color treated, conditioning is more crucial than the shampoo. In fact, use it as shampoo since it'll do the cleaning trick. Try our Step 1 Conditioner.

-Don't forget the heat protectant when styling. Girl, nothing breaks down our hair like blow drying and heat tools. Thermal protectors act like a shield and fight against those pesky split ends. Our Luxury Hair Serum can be used on wet hair or even dry to tame flyaways. Plus shineeeee for daize.

-Don't skimp the hair masque.  The conditioner's sister from another mister is this lil' treatment. This should be done once a week. Try our Step 2 Hair Rejuvenator for refreshing curls.

-Don't give your brushes the brush.  Just make sure you're using the correct style brush whether combing out wet hair, a big round brush for a blow out, etc. Brushing is just good maintenance and grooming.

-Don't throw you best wigs in a drawer. Keep them on a bust. They could inspire an outfit!

-DON'T TOSS YOUR BUNDLES AFTER ONE USE. Maintain them and reuse them.


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