Hair Extensions Should Be Undetectable

Hair Extensions Should Be Undetectable
Hey Hair Beautes,
We are always championing investing in your hair and haircare. This is nothing new. But when it comes to wearing hair extensions, the goal is to have them look like they are your natural hair. 
Style is Timeless. It is like wearing a stylish dress; you want to wear the dress and not let the dress wear you. Style > Fashion Fads always. But the same with hair extensions, you want to rock your hair, and not let it rock you. Wefts should never be visible nor should tape-ins, micro-links, or clip-in hardware.
Here are a few tips from experts on getting that polished hair extension lewk that will wow the crowd ...and not woah them.
  • Invest in quality hair- WE WILL DIE ON THIS HAIR HILL! Quality > Quantity
    When you purchase a costume wig from Party City, you get what you pay for with its cheapness and lack of styling options. It's a short term thing. When you invest in quality 100% Virgin and Raw hair, you are getting REAL human hair that is multitasking in results, styling, and longevity...with proper haircare, of course. Real hair blends better than partial Virgin or artificial hair. Also heat styling is often key to a polished look as it is. You can go to a beauty store and buy cheaper hair, but it won't last long and you will spend more money on not so great product in the long run. Investing means saving money long term.
  • Have hair installed by a seasoned stylist who often works with extensions. Some stylists are sought after for their bomb cuts while others are more advanced with coloring; it's essential for a blondie to specifically seek out an expert colorist who specializes in bleaching. An expert extension stylist will ensure you sew in, tape ins, or microlinks are installed cleanly and clearly. This means they install smoothly without damaging your natural hair. Many stylists have to correct other stylist's work who aren't the best at installs since they end up being damaging and detectable. You see many examples of this on IG. Likewise with color, you want the extensions to match your hair color exactly so they go together seamlessly. Being a shade or two off could very well be detectable.
  • Use salon-worthy haircare to keep your extensions (and real hair) in good shape. For curl girls, use our Step 2 Curl Rejuvenator which turns back the time on your coils like a retinol. If you are not properly caring for extensions, just like your hair, it becomes damaged and messy. Extensions are more detectable in that state. Our Luxury Hair Serum adds shine, polish, and is a thermal protectant to keep hair smooth and seamless.
  • Also use proper hair tools for styling. Always dry the wefts completely to avoid matting that causes hair to not fall/lay naturally. Blending is a huge key for styling, when you blend your hair to your extensions with connecting waves or straighten them together, you create a more overall natural lewk.
  •  Hide the hardware! When using clip-in extensions or ponytails, you don't want your slip showing.  Ensure clips are a matching color to the hair and that they are hidden from sight.
Key Takeaway:
Hair extensions should be undetectable for a natural lewk. Quality hair, an experienced stylist for install, proper haircare, and blending while stying are the best ways to ensure your hair is yours.
Bundles by BC only sells quality 100% Virgin and Raw hair that is color capable, may be heat styled, and is made to be reused and last at least a year with proper hair care.

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