How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

How much is too much? Or how cheap is too cheap?

The main decision when it comes to buying extensions is deciding how much you're willing/able to pay. Self-care is an investment. Whether it be for mental care by going to therapy or skincare by removing your makeup at night and splurging on a serum because it works best for your anti-aging regime, it is an investment of time, money, and patience. Hair care is no difference. If you do not invest in your hair, it will not stay healthy and extensions will not last. If you purchase lower end or synthetic hair, you are going to end up purchasing sooner, more often, and losing money in the long run. How do you lose money by spending less during one shopping trip? Because they don't last and you just put yourself in a cycle of replacing hair more often. It's like shopping wholesale at Costco, you will spend more up front, but you get more for your money that lasts longer than shopping for the same food at Walmart per the unit item. Usually you are getting a discount when buying bulk. So essentially that is what is happening when you do not buy quality hair.

However, investing in good hair is rewarding since it is stronger, healthier, and lasts longer with proper maintenance.

The two best hairs on the market are Raw hair and 100% Virgin hair.

Raw Hair- 100% unprocessed hair collected from a single donor and immediately wrapped into bundles to keep cuticles intact. It is the most sought after quality hair with minimal shedding and tanging. It only comes in straight, curly, and natural wave patterns since it it has not been steam processed. This also makes it the most expensive on the market, starting at over $100 for 10-12 inches.

100% Virgin Hair- This is 100% human hair that has had minimal processing. ISo it has not been chemically treated but has been steam processed. It is a more affordable option for natural extensions as it can be bought in other patterns including deep wave, body wave, and kinkys. All natural hair may be dyed and heat styled. And they have a longer shelf life since they are made to be reused. This is also the best choice for  looking more natural and for bleaching since it has not been chemically processed.  Most wavy and straight textures are perfect for sew-ins, wigs, and clip-ins. 100% Virgin hair can start at around $65 for 10-12 inches.

Remy Hair- A popular hair for online sellers & beauty supply stores. This hair has been chemically processed such as with colors and dyes by either the producer or the donor. Due to these factors, it is less expensive & very popular. It's life span is not nearly as long as Raw or Virgin. Essentially not all Remy hair is Virgin hair, but Remy could have started out as Virgin. Bundles can cost less than $50 for shorter lengths. They do not last as long. 

Any synthetic hair is much less expensive, but most cannot be dyed or heat styled. There is no quality so they do not last long, thus you could be throwing your money away.

Bundles By BC only sells quality 100% Virgin hair and Raw hair that is color capable, may be heat styled, and is made to be reused and last for over a year with proper hair care.

Essentially what you are able/willing to pay for hair is the main factor, but the better quality hair such as 100% Virgin hair would be the better choice due to its longevity, better pricing, and versatility. Purchasing for sew-ins may require 3-4 bundles while a wig would require at least 4, depending on density preference.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

Key Takeaway: The cost factor depends on the quality. The more you invest in quality hair, the more you are saving long term. Quality hair bundles can start around $65 for shorter lengths.

Tips on getting quality hair and sticking with your budget:
-HAIR CARE!! The better you maintain your hair, the longer it lasts. Which means buying hair less often.
-When purchasing hair, going to a hair store to see the hair for your first purchase is ideal so you know what you are getting. If you opt to shop online vendors for quality Raw or 100% Virgin hair, ensure that you or someone else you know has purchased from them, go by reviews and social media posts (especially re-posts from customers, check out comments on social media posts, and know their return/exchange policy. This ensures you are not duped with less quality hair and them taking advantage...which will result in more cost :(
-Look for bundle deals and sales. Always ask.
- If you have a favorite local bundle store and have some retail experience, see if they're hiring for even part time positions! Stores often offer benefits such as employee discounts. Perf for the hair aficionado. 
-Join our free Beaute text club to be the first to know about our sales! Plus get 5% off your purchase that day! Text "BUNDLESBYBC" to 81493.


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