Micro-Links A Braidless Sew-in



Hey beauties!  I’m a girly girl who loves all things beauty. Hair, nails, lashes, brows, makeup, & products! Basically anything that has to do with making one fabulous. My latest obsession is Microlinks also known as the braidless sew-in. I’ve been wearing sew-ins for at-least 10 years now. So I would consider myself something like an expert. So what’s the difference between a traditional sew-in and a braidless sew-in?!

Traditional sew-ins typically takes anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the style and the amount of hair being installed. I love volume so the more hair the merrier. I’m a 3-4 bundle girl (my hairstylist hates it). First, your natural hair is braided down to your scalp in a pattern braided by the stylist. Depending on the hair style your going for, your natural hair will be braided in a circle, straight back, or down from the middle of the head to your ears. Im sure there are other patterns but these are the basic ones. Then the loose ends of the braids are typically sewn into the french braids. The wefted hair is then sewn onto the french braids with a hair needle and thread (not the same needle and thread you sew clothes with). Once all the hair has been installed it’s then styled, and your done! This style of sew-in is usually done over every couple of months. Price range $100-$300 depending on the stylist and experience.

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