New Year, New Hair, New Textures: Beaute 101

BEAUTE' 101: New Year, New Hair, New Textures

                                             *CLASS IS IN SESSION*
It's fun stuff, we promise!! Don't miss our new blog chapter, Beaute 101!
These posts are to educate on the newest glam and hair styling terms, for projecting the hawtest confidence, and  411 on new products.


Below is a list for what's new in 2022 + FAQs of product differences. This is our FIFTH anniversary, so we're all about the Year of the Beaute.

What You Should Know

Raw Hair - 100% unprocessed hair collected from one donor & is Coming Soon.

HD Closures and Frontals - A royal lace material which is invisible when applied to the scalp. This provides a natural look while rendering the lace to be undetectable. While our Translucent Closures/Frontals are all 4X4, these are all 5X5.

Wigs - Wigs make for glamour and more lush lewk. Normal wig density is 150%, which would be considered a Natural, 300% density is giving Beyonce.                                                  

This Vs That

Raw Vs. Virgin:

BC has sold only the best quality Virgin hair but soon we will also start stocking Raw hair. add to luxury bundles since we want to bring our Beautes the hottest on the market. Hair is an investment so we want it to last! 

100% Virgin hair is human hair that has been steam processed and can be color-treated and heat styled. It comes it multiple textures. While both are quality human hair extensions, Raw hair has not been steam processed or chemically altered in any way. Due to this, Raw is only available in three textures: straight, curly, and natural wavy.

Raw hair is much more expensive and requires more maintenance. The significant price difference is due to the absence of the processing, it being more rare, and even more now due to the demand and this COVID-19 world making merchandise more difficult to receive. Raw hair also needs more moisturizing and conditioning to last longer.

Transparent Vs. HD Frontal Vs. Swiss

BC has been selling 4x4 Swiss Lace Frontals and Closures due to their general light brown base. HD or High definition is the more sought out since it is the thinnest lace on today's market, making for the most undetectable base. Transparent is very similar to HD jut the lace is a bit coarser. We just received our initial HD 5x5 stock and cannot wait for you to try them out!

Follow our blog Beaute' blog for more hair related info, styling tips, and haircare, + a more in depth view of these new styles... And tune in for the (mis)adventures of our new shero, Venus,  has she navigates life in ATL, dating, and hair love. 


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