No it’s a WIG

Gone are the days of the synethic, doll hair like, shiny beauty supply wigs. Thankfully. Now a days wigs are realistic, fun, and a lifestyle for many. Your probably thinking did she say lifestyle? Wigs are life honey! In todays culture a good laid wig is widely sought after. Kylie Jenner to the girl next door, wigs are for everyone. These days the most common wigs are full lace and custom (frontal/ closure/ u-part). If your new to the wig game let me school you!

Long before these ever so glamourous growing out of your scalp looking units, hairstylist would  make wigs by hand creating units that were bulky and usually pretty evident. Then lace closures and frontals were created and most recently the full lace wig. Wigs are not so wiggy anymore. I myself love u- part wigs. A u part wig is made just how a sew-in is installed with a leave out. U- part wigs are Bundle hair sewn onto a cap in the shape of a U. Along the U is where your natural hair is left out. Once the wig is on, the leave out will blend covering the wig.

For more of a protective style a lace closure wig is perfect! With this style of wig you don’t leave any of your natural hair out and a closure piece is applied. So I like closures but they are hard to create a certain level of realness with. But the real benefit is that your natural hair isn’t being damaged and thats the win for me! Lastly but certainly not lease is the Instagram famous frontal wig. Closure today most commonly come in 4×4, 5×5, and more recently 6×6 sizes. These sizes only cover a small portion but a frontal covers from ear to ear with baby hairs. The Frontal wig is the most realistic full wig aside from a lace wig. Custom wigs are typically made by hand or sewing machine. With both frontal and full lace wigs your hair is completely protected and given the illusion that hair is growing right from your scalp. The only down side is the application as it can become expensive and high maintenance if you adhere/glue them down. The wigs clips will ensure it’s secure but the melt down is the best part. I recommend these for special occasions but for everyday isn’t budget friendly.

Let me know your experiences!


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