Reusable Hair

 Let's talk making our well spent money work for us! Re-using your bundles? Absolutely no question! We as women love to switch up our style and Virgin hair can be pricey. The truth of the matter is, quality extensions should last for years. Replacing closures and frontals is much more regularly. So, Let's say you make a hair investment of $300 (4 bundles and 1 closure). After 1 year of wear they've only cost you $25 per month. This does not including installing.
The point is buying hair that is no good after 1 or 2 uses is NOT worth it. Buying quality  virgin hair is investment but all investments should give us a return right? I have listed a few ideas of what to do with your extensions after you've installed them a few times.
  • Turn them into clip-ins
  • Use the hair for a ponytail
  •        Make a wig
  • Try color
  • Cut from long to short

Be sure to treat your hair extensions like your real hair. Deep condition and use a heat protectant often!

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