Hairology: 5 Protective styles

I'm sure you've heard the term before but have you ever had a "Protective Hair" style? These hair styles protect your natural hair from heat and damage. Hair extensions can aid in protecting your natural hair by acting almost like a shield lol yes you read that right! There 5 different protective styles that may be an option for you while we are at home stopping the spread of CO-VID19.

1. Quick Weave

A Quick Weave is a method were your natural hair is either molded or braided down and capped with a wig cap. The hair extensions are then glued to the cap or sewn in which ever style you desire. This is the quickest way to install hair extensions.

2. Full Sew-In  (No hair left leave out)

A Sew-In without leave out is also a great alternative. Your natural hair is braided in a pattern and the hair extensions are sewn on to the braids with a needle and thread (for extensions). Bangs are a perfect style that is also great for your edges.

3. Sew-in w/ a Frontal or Closure 

Similar to a Full Sew-in but with an additional hair piece. Closures are a size 4x4 and are essentially used to make a hair part that looks like the natural scalp. A Frontal is similar to a closure but bigger, size 13x4 and covers the entire front of your hairline ear to ear. Even includes baby hair! 

4. Custom Wigs

Wigs are a great way to switch up your look instantly and protect your natural hair. Custom wigs don't need any glue, tape, or thread and should be taken off nightly.

5. Braids w/ Virgin Hair

Braids have many benefits and more recently people have been adding virgin hair to the ends giving the bohemian feels and vibes.



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