Other Types of Hair Extensions


There are so many fun things you can do with your hair including adding extensions. They can add volume as well as length and help you to achieve different hair styles. Quality extensions will be easy to style as your own hair.

Other types of hair extensions include:

Tape- In Extensions- They are hair pieces that are about an inch wide that have special tape at the weft to secure around small pieces of hair close to the root. Tape-Ins can last over at least a month or longer with proper care. They are fun for a short term look but super versatile has your natural hair is blended giving thr illusion of REALLY your hair as extensions are undetectable.  However, if you exercise frequently then these are not a good choice since the adhesive will be ruined from heat.

Clip-Ins- Clips-Ins are a great choice because they are a popular choice since they may be removed. Similar to a wig, you can go for different styles plus they are easier to be pre-styled since you don't have to reach to the back of your head. Clip-Ins are simply a bundle of hair that have clips sewn onto the wefts. The extensions themselves can last for at least a year with proper maintenance. They can stay in the hair for several days since there is no semi-permanent installation. Clip-Ins are also a favorite for celebrities due to the versatility and can help them get ready carpet ready in a short amount of time. Proper maintenance is essential for the hair to last but also for the clip ins to stay in good shape. Washing can be done in the sink or shower. Wefts should still be dried properly to avoid matting and rusting of the clips.

Fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions- Any hair extension that is bonded usually takes a piece such as a metal bead to secure in small pieces of hair and then extensions are sewn in with a needle and thread through the weft and the beads. This is ideal for the longest amount of permanent installation wear since they can be worn for around three months. Quality hair bundles may be reused after that by tightening or reinstalling if hair is properly cared for.

Bundles by BC only sells quality 100% Virgin hair and Raw bundles that are color treatable, may be heat styled, and made to be reused and last for at least a year with proper haircare. We have both clip ins and bundles that can be used for sew-ins, clip-ins, and wigs.

Proper hair care? What does that mean?
Quick Tips:
- Always use good brushes and combs to keep hair smooth. Brush by layers on head to keep smooth.
- Always use a heat protectant with heat styling to keep ends healthy and cuticles whole. Try our Luxury Hair Serum that is a thermal protectant plus adds shine!
- When you wash extensions, make sure you don't scrub your head if you have sew-ins to avoid hair bunching that could cause damage. Massage scalp.
-When drying any extension, make sure you at least thoroughly dry the wefts to avoid matting. NEVER go to bed with a sopping wet head.
-Use hair masks to keep hair strong. For curly. hair, we recommend our Step 2 Rejuvenator Masque to help restore curls to their original bounce and coil.
- All of our hair care products are specially formulated to maintain quality hair extensions and may be used on your real hair as well.
-Try non-heated styles as well to prolong hair health.

What are the 3 types of hair extensions?

Key Takeaway:
There are three main types of hair extensions that are most popular. Fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions, Tape-Ins, and Clip-ins. They differ mostly for the ease of maintenance and length of time the installations last.





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