What Type of Hair Extensions Do Celebrities Use?

What Type of Hair Extensions Do Celebrities Use?

Extensions, Extensions, Extensions!!!?

That's the question.

But really, what are the best ones that last the longest?? That's what celebs use, right?

The simple answer is, yes.

But it really boils down the the actual hair.

The best hair on the market is raw hair and 100% virgin hair. That's a fact. Another fact is that Celebs will only use the best on the market. So once you have the base, then you can build from there. That's where the installation process comes in. There is a difference between the quality hair and the quality installation. The quality hair is the foundation. The quality install is the vehicle to make it last longer.

For hair, you want the most quality. For installation, you want bundles what lasts the longest. That is the bonded process. Unlike other methods such as tape ins, bonded options such as weave and microlinks are not affected by the weather, humidity, or just general water. And with general maintenance, bonded options are made to last for a while.

You have to start from the bottom to build a stable foundation. But the two major factors are still quality hair and experienced installation.

For the install process, you will want to go with a stylist who specializes in installations. Some stylists may specialize in being a master color wizard while others' game may be hair installation. A unicorn stylist may actually do both! That's not always the case, but hold onto your hairdresser if so! An expert  installer will install your extensions with ease and no mess. Someone inexperienced may cause a rat's nest after hair growth for someone else to clean up. And a celeb will find the best in each field, whether it be the same stylist or multiple.

As far as types of installs go, celebs mostly go for either the bonded extensions as stated above or clip-ons. Clip-ins are more of a free style since you can achieve multiple lewks with or without. Clip-ins will deliver volume but also length. Clip-ins just take your hair to the next level on a short term basis. Seamless-clip ins will be less detectable and lie flat.

Bundles by BC only sells 100% Virgin hair and raw hair that is color capable, may be heat styled, and is made to be reused and last for at least a year with proper haircare.


Key takeaway: Depends on the celeb/look.They will usually go for the most quality choice that matches their own lifestyle and current work. Sew-ins and clip-ins  are usually the most popular.

Bundles by BC only sells quality 100% Virgin and Raw hair that is color capable, may be heat styled, and is made to be reused and last at least a year with proper hair care.

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