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Wavy Frontal

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 A lace frontal, is a hairpiece designed to create a natural-looking hairline along the front of the head.  Frontals come in various sizes, with common measurements like 13x4 or 13x6 inches, indicating the length and width of the lace frontal. Positioned from ear to ear, frontals allow for versatile parting and styling options, including center parts, side parts, and deep parts.
When installed properly, they provide a realistic and seamless appearance, enhancing the overall look of a hairstyle. Frontals can be attached by sewing or gluing onto a wig cap or directly onto the head, featuring adjustable straps and combs. We have 13x4 frontals in straight, wavy, and curly textures.

 Frontals offer a natural look and feel, allowing for styling with heat tools, while synthetic frontals may have specific styling limitations. Overall, frontals are popular for achieving a seamless and natural look, particularly when completing a full sew-in or wig installation.